Anti-Story Paintings:

   These oil paintings join unrelated subjects in a groundless, airy, imaginary environment. I call this work "anti-story" because it thwarts the urge to make sense of the world through storytelling. I depict parts of photographs as if they occupy space, and distort or wrap images on planes like wallpaper, using digital manipulation as a tool and hand-built paper models. Fragmenting and mixing images separates them temporarily from meaning, diminishing but not erasing its power. I enjoy looking at combinations of images that have no obvious reason for appearing together, those with few preexisting, well-worn associations, and feeling their lack of purpose. Working in a dream-like space challenges the idea of causality, and encourages viewers to devise their own stories.

Dimensional Paintings:

   Working between the second and third dimensions fascinates me, and my most recent oil paintings highlight curved, dimensional forms assembled from photograph fragments. The surface of my paintings recalls the surface or depths of the ocean: the viewer is placed above or among flat images that cling to curling waves and receding gullies. My urge to resist storytelling has taken a back seat to the desire to illustrate an imaginary, moving, changing, and multi-faceted volume of activity.

   As for my process, I warp and digitally manipulate photographs, and then print them on paper that is bent into models that are warped and photographed again. Painting from these multi-layered distortions challenges me to abandon a fixed point of view, and instead, mesh multiple vistas, surfaces and objects into a continuous, fluid illusion.