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Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Basically Just Grass Forever." Conversation with Nicole Parker.

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Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "The Making and Breaking of Imagery." Conversation with Emily Richardson.

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Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Ambiguities."

Conversation with Clint Jukkala.

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Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Soft Power."

Conversation with Lauren Whearty.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "The Infinite in All Things."

Conversation with Bruce Pollock.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Atmospheres and Subtones."

Conversation with Christine LaFuente.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Beautiful to Watch."

Conversation with Max Mason.

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Theartblog.org“Tiger Strikes Asteroid talks shop...”

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Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Paint Is My Fortress."

Conversation with Keith R. Breitfeller.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Eggplants Have It All."

Conversation with Eileen Goodman. 

The Brooklyn Rail, "Don Doe: I'll Have What They're Having."

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Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Screen Kisses." 

Conversation with Stuart Netsky. 

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "The Deep End."

Conversation with Elizabeth Geiger.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Stories Without People," 

Conversation with Caleb Stoltzfus.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "On Flowers and Change"

Conversation with Naomi Chung.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Susan Moore Remembered."

Conversations with two friends of Susan Moore.

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Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Fast Release of Style, Slow Release of Subject." Conversation with Howie Lee Weiss.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Something About the Place."

Conversation with Ted Walsh.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Through Light and Shadow."

Conversation with Larry Francis.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "People Are in the World to Be Seen."

Conversation with Leigh Werrell.

Theartblog.org, "Commonweal Gallery's Alex Conner."

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Nature as Muse."

Conversation with Thomas Paquette.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "An Upside Down World."

Conversation with John Greig Jr.

Theartblog.org, "Gross McCleaf Gallery's Rebecca Segall."

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "A Way, A Direction."

Conversation with Celia Reisman.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Heaven's Eye."

Conversation with Ed Bing Lee.

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Theartblog.org, "Leslie Kerby and Michelle Weinstein at Project Artspace."

The Brooklyn Rail, "Nancy Graves: Synecdoche II."

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Seeing and Feeling."

Conversation with Penelope Harris.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Creating the World."

Conversation with Val Rossman.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "An Excuse to Paint." 

Conversation with Mickayel Thurin.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Potential Images."

Conversation with Michael Gallagher.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "The Baobab Tree"

Conversation with Benjamin Passione.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Rhythmic Velocities."

Conversation with Thomas Paul Raggio.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room"The Sky in Your Pocket."

Conversation with Jeffrey Reed.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Color and Space."

Conversation with Kurt Moyer. Philadelphia, PA.


Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "The Seen and the Unseen."

Conversation with Dale O. Roberts. Philadelphia, PA.

Gross McCleaf Gallery Viewing Room, "Everything Matters."

Conversation with Scott Noel. Philadelphia, PA.


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